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Richard Möller, Founder of CollegeSoccer.US, converged all his experiences as a club, college, youth national team and professional soccer player & coach, student and fan of the game into CollegeSoccer.US. The intent is to positively influence the college soccer game promoting the game via consistent news, articles and effective, innovative training drills focused on elevating the standards of soccer training, as well as, partnering up with clubs and/or teams to provide assistance to all their players in finding the ideal academic environment, soccer program and financial aid/merit/scholarships, all at the same time. Individuals are also encouraged to sign up. The motto is to treat every member as an exclusive prospect. CollegeSoccer.US also offers one-of-a-kind European soccer tours to Germany. 

About the Founder

Richard Möller moved from Germany to the U.S.A. in 1995 to attend Towson University on a full athletic scholarship for four years to play Division I soccer. He was the first in the program to earn All-American honors as one of the top three forwards in the nation. Richard was also the first in the program to earn the America East Conference Player of the Year award (holding the single season scoring record up to the present time), he was the first and only to win the America East Scholar-Athlete of the Year award back to back, he was the first and remains as the only Scholar-Athlete All-American in the program (graduating with a 4.0) and he was the first DI student-athlete in the state of Maryland to win the prestigious ECAC Scholar-Athlete of the Year award. On the whole, Richard won close to 40 individual awards, athletically and academically combined, during his stellar playing career.

Why CollegeSoccer.US covers News & Articles

“During my time at Towson college soccer was not reported on abundantly in the media. There certainly was not a specific media outlet with the focal point of college soccer. For example, one feature we are excited about at CollegeSoccer.US is that during the fall we cover the top games each week from all divisions with pre-game & post-games interviews and a write-up. ” 

During Richard’s playing time at Towson he helped his coach assemble the program’s first trip to Germany, lodging at the ‘Fußballschule’ (soccer academy) where he completed many ‘regional’ training sessions (Südwestauswahl), setting up three games against semi-professional teams and organizing the itinerary (sightseeing) for the trip.

Why CollegeSoccer.US offers European Soccer Tours

“My teammates had an amazing time in Germany and this is when the idea was born to take teams to Germany. While playing professional soccer in the US I founded a company specializing in European trips (Germany) for a variety of youth & college teams. After I retired from playing professional soccer and became a college coach I continued to take my teams to Germany. Our goal always has and continues to ensure that every day is action-packed, for players to feel that the next day cannot get any better and wishing the trip would never end.” 

Before making a decision to attend Towson University Richard was heavily recruited across the nation, coming from one of the best youth clubs in Germany, 1.F.C. Kaiserslautern, captain of the state & ‘regional’ team (‘Südwestauswahl’) and member of the German Youth National Team pool. He also received his ‘Abitur’ from Albert-Einstein Gymnasium in Germany.

Why CollegeSoccer.US provides recruiting advice to prospects

“To this day I remember my conversations with college coaches. Every single coach had an unrepeated style to convince me to attend their university and soccer program. It was indeed flattering making my decision tricky though, especially coming from a different country. In all honesty, I would have loved to have somebody with a distinct athletic and academic background, former collegiate soccer player and/or coach, to guide me through this all-important affair with no personal agenda."

Richard was drafted to play professional soccer (as the Number 1 pick by the A-League team Maryland Mania associated with DC United and as the Number 2 overall pick by the Baltimore Blast), but retired after two years to pursue a graduate degree in Exercise & Sport Studies with a concentration in coaching from Smith College in Northampton, a program ranked Number 1 in the country (NCACE accredited at Level V).

Richard also received all his UEFA coaching licenses from Germany. He worked closely with Ralf Peter, German Youth National Team Coach (Ralf won multiple European & World Cup titles as a coach, one of three instructors for the UEFA A-license & Sport license in Germany, annual speaker at the NSCAA convention and author of many instructional soccer books), as an assistant for several years. He also collaborated with the female club 1. FFC Frankfurt (3 x European Champion, 7 x German Champion and 8 x German Cup winner), a team filled with 8 World Cup champions at that time.

Why CollegeSoccer.US offers training drills

“Coaching is a science. This degree really allowed me to apprehend how to apply science when training the modern soccer player. Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Motor Learning, Sport Psychology, to name a few, are all paramount building blocks to exert the principles of training. And coaching some of the best youth & adult players in the world while learning from some of the best coaches in the world helped me realize how the game and the art of coaching continues to evolve. Last but not least, it is so consequential to keep training fresh with new, creative and effective drills working towards the team’s needs and for drills to be age-appropriate & level-appropriate. Therefore, CollegeSoccer.US staff creates new drills daily and we also ask club, college and professional coaches to provide us with their favorite drills to display on the web site."

Upon graduation Richard’s collegiate coaching career began. For well over a decade Richard has coached collegiately at nationally ranked DI and DIII programs (all his DI recruiting classes were nationally recognized), assisting or leading programs to become powerhouses breaking multiple team & department records and advancing to the NCAA Tournament.

“My coaching background is rather singular considering I have coached at a large state university, an Ivy college, a private liberal arts college, two Seven Sister colleges and a public liberal arts college. I believe this is as varying as it gets. Even today I am still taken back how contrasting every college is socially, culturally and academically in the U.S.A. Having worked with admissions from the top 1% academic colleges and many others and learning how financial aid differs from college to college, I understand the fears and concerns parents bear while abetting their child to go through this momentous selection process, which is why we offer club packets to reach more prospects and parents. I have truly come in full circles. Everything I have ever done in the name of the game, I am channeling now through CollegeSoccer.US. I have a great staff and we are highly committed to our mission."