Training five- to six-year olds

Part 3 by Richard Moller (DOC and Head Coach at Maryland F.C.)

Building Blocks

1.    Comprehensive movement training

a.    general movement training (basic activities with objects and materials, parcourses and rotations)

b.    races and relays

c.     tag and running games

d.    playful, age-appropriate gymnastics

2.    Soccer-oriented movement training

a.    general ball training: games with various balls

b.    simple games with the ball

c.     shooting games and competitions

3.    Playing soccer

Games for small teams on small fields:

a.    from 2 versus 2 to 5 versus 5 (maximum)

b.    numbers-up games

c.     with simplified rules

d.    with a variety of goals (poles, boxes, mats, etc.)

Part 4 will include a sample drill